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Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary

Partners & Friends

Partners of Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary

Sky Mountain Wild partners with a diverse array of individuals and organizations to continuously learn, strategize, and work for mustangs, using the latest science to act on the ground to keep wild horses free. We appreciate the creativity, innovation, and impact collaborating with our partners brings to mustangs.

Dan Elkins, Owner, Mt. Taylor Mustangs

Dan has pioneered no-chase gather methods and PZP treatment for mustangs in the wild. Mustangs come to Dan’s remote control-operated gather corrals for his signature “wild horse bait” in stark contrast to rounding up wild horses by chasing them down with helicopters. Dan’s humane, low-stress methods and skill with wild horses means that mustangs are gathered in the wild with their family bands, mares are treated with PZP, and the bands are released directly back into the wild.

Diana Trujillo & Anthony Madrid, District Rangers, Carson National Forest

Diana and Anthony have blazed a path within the U.S Forest Service to first implement no-chase gathers, and then the use of PZP in the rugged Jarita Mesa and Jicarilla Wild Horse Territories of the Carson National Forest. Their skill and perseverance in navigating through complex policy challenges and regulations have made the Carson Forest a leader in the nation for humane, innovative management for wild horses.

Jay Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Director, The Science & Conservation Center

Jay pioneered the use of PZP for humane management of wild horses, and is an expert on using PZP with other wildlife species as well. His research has proven that PZP is a safe, effective method for keeping mustangs free in the wild. Jay gives generously of his time and expertise to Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary and the Carson PZP Team.

Allen Rutberg, Ph.D., Director, Center for Animals & Public Policy, Tufts University

Allen is a leading scientist on the use of PZP for humane management for mustangs and other wildlife. Allen’s research addresses the need for ethics for how we treat animals and develop understanding and support for humane, science-based management for wildlife. Allen also gives generously of his time and expertise to Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary and the Carson PZP Team.

Karen Lupton, MBA, Owner, Artful Consulting, LLC

Karen possesses a strong background in finance and non-profit board governance and a love for horses. She brings her diverse talents to Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary’s recent strategic planning that is the road map for our new growth for 2014 and beyond.

Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary Friends

We thank our members for supporting the sanctuary in keeping wild horses running free on wild lands. Our gratitude also goes to these friends of the sanctuary whose help has enabled us to grow into our sixth year in 2014.

- Many thanks to our founding advisory board members - Alan, Chandler, Jaquelin, Russ and Sarah for your time and ideas during our early development.

- Much gratitude to Gabe for inviting our horses to run on his gorgeous ranch for their first summer with the sanctuary.

- Thanks to Jackie of Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve, for your energy, help, and many laughs.

- Our deep appreciation to Jana & Faith, two founders of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, for sharing your expertise, encouraging fledgling sanctuaries, and for all you do for animals.

- Thank you Nate and Grace, our youngest sanctuary members, for naming our first sanctuary foal Starlight.

- Our gratitude to Miriam for designing a beautiful sanctuary logo and for help with our website.

- We thank Hannah Lynde for her gorgeous Sky Mountain holiday card designs that evoke the deep beauty and wildness of our sanctuary horses.

- Our appreciation to Philippe Reyntjens for amazing photos of the Sky Mountain band.

- Many thanks to Sandra Filippucci for her inspired newsletter designs for the wild ones.


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